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Past 30 day leaderboard

RankTeamNameScoreTime Badges
1The Albert Adventurers51002:07:52
2Bad Ass Girls51002:09:37
3TheR'sFromAtlanta51002:33:58 Silver Badge
4Adventurers Assemble!50503:29:07 Bronze Badge
5Brentwood Travelers50003:53:41
6PWD SD49502:16:31 Bronze Badge
7elphanie49502:46:08 Silver Badge
8PWD SD49002:05:12 Bronze Badge
9LSU Connection49003:31:04
11Dead Guys Dinner Club48002:57:35
12Team SIU46501:58:39
13The Sousa-funs45503:55:30
14House of Isibindi43001:48:16
15Team Legal42501:50:02
16Never Wong, Always White41502:02:13 Bronze Badge
17House of Dynami41001:44:46
18House of Sabio35501:50:10
19House of Valor32001:51:51