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Past 30 day leaderboard

RankTeamNameScoreTime Badges
1Team Reign of Fire60002:08:10
2Team Dragon $layers60002:13:10
3The Silent Screams60003:48:40
4JLG Sisters60004:14:24
5The Super Shucks60006:05:58 Bronze Badge
6Delap Team 359501:43:47
7Delap Team 259502:03:08
8Delap Team 559502:43:18
9Intel Advanced Design Team 159502:56:39
10Bonney Lake Bellas59003:46:35
11CHO research58501:39:25 Silver Badge
12Delap Team 158501:56:14
13CHO research58501:56:24 Silver Badge
15Sourdough Toasties 58504:34:10
16Intel Advanced Design Team 258002:08:58
17the Moynihans58002:46:41
19Delap Team 456502:47:37
21Haylee’s Gang56504:41:16
22Team Better Than U56002:30:34
23Scottish monsters56003:47:00
24Mo You Down56006:01:01
25CHO research55502:01:13 Silver Badge