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Past 30 day leaderboard

RankTeamNameScoreTime Badges
1gTech - Law & Order SHU (Scavenger Hunt Unit)59002:55:38
2gTech - The Rodneys57501:47:36
3Altoona Area HS Team 1057501:52:31
4gTech - MSC NYC57502:10:15
6Northern Chicks57004:13:40
8The Swedish Mafia54003:09:50
9Rhino53504:10:18 Gold Badge
10Costa Rica 53003:27:20
11Altoona Area HS Team 749002:47:21
12Bec & Cait44502:33:33
13gTech - Fun&Games39001:41:29
14Altoona Area HS Team 638502:07:31
15The Tired Trekkers38503:11:14
16Altoona Area HS Team 435501:52:45
17Altoona Area HS Team 332001:15:06
19Altoona Area HS Team 814501:29:00