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Past 30 day leaderboard

RankTeamNameScoreTime Badges
1Sourcing Superstars55001:23:39
2Number Crunchers54501:26:26
3The Memsmiths53001:34:18
4Recruiting Rockstars!52501:33:53
5Dods and Mod52003:07:40
6LinkedIn Heavyweights51501:45:44
7Taxmanian Devils49001:27:59
8TEAM HAZEL48501:31:45
9Lady Lions 48001:24:07 Gold Badge
10Benchmarking Big Shots46501:14:37
11Cochran’s 46001:31:02
13Mutually Beloved44001:25:19 Bronze Badge
14The Bean Counters44001:28:32
16Coleman23rd anniv40002:16:20
17Muddy Sox40003:43:41
18Johnnjenn 37503:11:52