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Past 30 day leaderboard

RankTeamNameScoreTime Badges
1Happy Hoppers56501:51:12
2Blisa Rules!56502:44:40
3Team IWALY5601 day, 01:10:28
4Team Bafukwa55002:11:12 Bronze Badge
6Em & Nenee Take Denver54503:10:18
7The Zooks54002:02:22
8GLA Team 354002:03:38
9Wild Wacky Wilsons54002:09:40 Bronze Badge
10Corncobb 454003:03:20
11Craejay & the shopping wife53503:25:00
12Austerschmidt52504:35:36 Silver Badge
13Fluffy Chickens52003:38:51 Gold Badge
14The 3 B's52004:35:33
15Atl Duo51502:22:23
16Pepper and Jack51504:01:19
17Cage Girls51003:04:15
18Krause Time50002:20:23
20Cool parents46001:56:21
22GLA Team 241501:57:17
23GLA Team 138502:01:43