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Past 30 day leaderboard

RankTeamNameScoreTime Badges
1Adventure 3058502:20:13 Gold Badge
2Team Mitchell TX58502:34:39
3Commission: Impossible58001:30:48
4Randerson Gang58001:46:29
5Cryptonite58002:02:54 Gold Badge
6Koala and Caterpillar58002:17:37
8808 and NO heartbreak57501:24:08
10Seeeeesters57501:53:40 Bronze Badge
11I've Heard It Both Ways..57502:38:24
12Muffin & Cupcake57002:38:46
13TeamCommunication!56502:34:11 Bronze Badge
14KK Cabral56503:40:17
15Gatehouse Schlutz56503:52:21
17MPC Hammer56002:03:34
18Jia You56002:16:12
19YourKatDoctor2156004:17:20 Bronze Badge
20The slow pokes55501:55:43
21Drunk in LOB55001:45:49
22Rubber 🦆55002:21:15
23Team Jessie54502:05:14
24Brandon's Bad Assets53501:33:36
25Team Faye all the wAy!!53501:49:18