As you solve clues and complete challenges, you will receive points for correct answers. A game clock keeps track of your time as well. Each Quest typically has anywhere from 18-22 Urban Location Clues or Quest Challenges along the game route. A total of 30 points are available for each challenge.

  • 5 points are deducted for each incorrect answer attempted.

  • You can attempt to answer each question a maximum of 4 times.

  • 5 points are deducted for each Hint used

Hints are available to ensure that teams stay on track and never get stumped. Two types of hints are provided:

  • Location Hints help you find a location or locate a thing

  • Challenge Hints help you solve the challenge, riddle or clue.

Skip It Button: If a question is simply too difficult and the team wants to move on, a Skip It button has been provided. If the Skip It is used, no points are awarded for that question but the answer is displayed so that the team can move on.

Bonus Questions are also provided along the route to help increase a team’s point total.

  • 15 points are awarded for correct Bonus answers.

  • Only one attempt is allowed for each Bonus question.

  • No Hints are provided on Bonus questions

A Leader Board is posted on each City Page of our Website. Final score and positioning against all other teams is listed on each City Leader Board and is determined first, by the point total, and second, by the time it took to complete the Quest from start to finish