Sign-up and Purchase Process

Click the "Purchase It" button and follow the instructions to establish your password and pay for your Quest. Upon completion, a confirmation page will be provided with a summary of your purchase, the Start Location and other Tips to ensure a great Quest experience. 
Your e-mail address and password are printed on your confirmation sheet, which was originally sent to the e-mail address used during the purchase process. If this is unavailable, return to the Home Page of the Web site and click the "Purchase It" button and then click "forgot my password." Your password will be sent to the e-mail address provided.
The cost is a flat rate of $49 per team. We generally recommend no more than 5 people per team. Mini Quests are $30 per team.  
You can play an Urban Adventure Quest ANYTIME!!! There are no set times or dates. No tour guides to meet and no one to check in with at the starting location. You can purchase your Quest days, weeks or months before your adventure by visiting and clicking on Purchase IT. Upon completion of your payment or redemption, you will receive a confirmation with the starting location. When your team is ready, go to the start location. On your smart phone, return to the website and click on Play IT.
Other costs may be involved depending on the specific Quest location selected. These costs are generally limited to minor subway or other public transportation fares. An estimate of transportation costs, if any, are listed on each individual City page of our website.
While there is no specific limit to the number of players on each team, we recommend no more than 4 to 5 people on each team. If you purchase more than one Quest, you must create them separately, with unique email addresses, passwords and team names. Be sure to log out between purchases.
Gift cards are available for purchase by clicking Purchase IT on the home page. You may have the gift card sent directly to the gift recipient or to yourself.  The gift card will be packaged in a note card with its own envelope and information card, ready for gift giving. Gift cards will be mailed by first class US mail from California, within 48 hours of receiving your order. Gift cards may be used for any Quest location.
Quests can be purchased using Visa, MC, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards. Addresses outside the US will be accepted by our system without difficulty. All transactions will be processed in US$.

Playing the Game

There is no set start time for the Quest. You can start whenever you like. We suggest you allow adequate time to complete the Quest within daylight hours.
Each City Quest is unique and the time it will take depends on whether you are playing for points and speed or enjoying it at a more casual pace. In general, the Quest will take you approximately 2 - 3 hours without counting stops for food, snacks, or general sightseeing. We suggest you start your Quest early enough to complete within daylight hours. You can find estimated times for each city on the individual City pages of our Website.
Yes. Exit your Quest by closing your Browser page. To re-start your Quest, click on "Play IT" and enter your e-mail address and password. You will be returned to your last uncompleted question within the Quest. You can then proceed with your Quest. The time clock cannot be stopped and will continue until the final question is answered.  
The general start location for each city is listed on the individual city page of the Website and on the confirmation page sent to your e-mail address upon purchase.
There is no specific age requirement and in fact, the Quest appeals to a wide range of ages. When determining whether the Quest would be appropriate for a specific age or person, consider that the Quest is generally a walking tour that can range between 2-3 miles and take 2-4 hours depending on your pace of play. The distance and time estimate of each Quest Location is listed on the individual City pages.
The Quest will take place in and around the city, using public transportation for when the distances between locations becomes too long for a reasonable walk. Each Quest location and terrain is unique, but generally the Quests require walking no more than 2-3 miles with many stops in between to complete challenges. The distance of each Quest Location is listed on the individual City pages.
We suggest bringing water, snacks, a city map, pencil & paper and of course, a FULLY CHARGED Smart Phone. Also, having two smart phones available is not necessary, but often helpful for researching clues or as a battery back-up.
Yes, but there can be only one person entering the answer. We call this person the Quest Master. All others can login and then click the READ ONLY mode to follow along. Having more than one Quest Master will cause the game to skip.  

Quest Scoring is fully explained on the How It Works Page. Generally, 30 points are available for each question with point deductions taken when Hints are utilized or wrong answers provided.

Final score and positioning against other teams is determined first, by point total, and second, by the time it took to complete the Quest from start to finish. Your score and time will be provided upon completion of your last question. A ranking against other teams is posted on the Leader Board for each city.

The Orange Leader Board button is located on each City Location page of our website. 

Yes. Groups can split into teams of 4 or 5 and compete against each other for the highest score. For 5 teams or more, contact our Groups Coordinator at 805-603-5620 ext. 3 (8:00am - 5:00pm Pacific Time) . For less than 5 teams, click the "Purchase IT" button and buy as many Quests as needed. Each Quest requires a unique e-mail and password. Point totals and times determine the winning team and are displayed on the City Leader Board when you finish the Quest.  
Yes, we hope so. You will be visiting a number of great locations within the city learning little known facts and visiting unique areas.
There are no prizes for "winning" an Urban Adventure Quest. Your team's name will be posted on the Leaderboard for the Quest city where you played. So you can "win" bragging rights for being at the top of the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard for each city is found on City Page, under Locations.  Oftentimes, for corporate teambuilding events or anyone with multiple teams playing, the companies will offer a prize for first play, but that is up to the companies themselves. 

Technology and Connectivity

Any smart phone, iPad or other mobile device with access to the internet through cellular connectivity will work. Devices that only access the internet through WiFi hotspots will not work. Having two internet capable devices-one for the game and one to look up other information, can often be helpful, but is not necessary.
When you arrive at the starting location for your Quest, connect to your Internet browser and go to Click on "Play It."
No. The game software runs directly through the internet and does not require any software downloads or the purchase of other apps.
No. Using the back button on your phone can cause a system error and creates a scoring problem. Should an error occur, close the window running your Quest then open a new browser window. Return to Click "Play IT" and you will be taken back to the game at the same place you exited.  
There are a couple reasons why you are not seeing your Quest's starting link.     
  • 1) Verify that you are signed in. At the top of our Home page you should see Welcome _______ (with your name). Just to the right of this you should see "My Quests." Click this link. If a link to your Quest does not appear, see 2) below.
  • 2) If your Quest is not appearing after you login, it may mean that your cookies are not enabled. Our game uses "cookies" to remember information, answers, etc. In order to access your Quest, be sure your phone is set to accept cookies from our website. Follow these instructions to enable cookies.

iPhone users: Go to Settings>Safari>Block Cookies>From Third Parties and Advertisers.
Android users: Go to Browser>menu>more>settings>Accept Cookies.

If you continue to have problems, please call Customer Service at 805-603-5620.