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Past 30 day leaderboard

RankTeamNameScoreTime Badges
1Team Mocking Bird57003:16:31
2Team Bluebonnet56502:58:11
3Stockton Safari55003:53:42
4Team Jalapeno54503:00:32
5Sweet Liberty53503:43:17
7G Force53004:49:54 Gold Badge
8Team Monarch Butterfly51002:19:22
9Team Blue Topaz51003:24:43
10Mommy's Minions50503:40:26
11Team Armadillo50503:57:01
12Team Pecan Tree47503:04:25
13Moore Vazzana 47504:29:47
15J-G Masters45502:34:30
16The Rubber Puckies45504:16:07
17Allergic To Losing 37503:00:17