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Past 30 day leaderboard

RankTeamNameScoreTime Badges
1The Farmer Cousins72002:10:29
2Evie's Avengers72003:23:15
319Rock0871502:02:35 Silver Badge
4Owning it Okies71503:04:40
5*Purple People Eaters*71505:19:36
6Three Weddings and a Baby71505:55:54
7Girlie Hulmemans71002:32:22
8Hibbity Dibbity70003:47:50
10The GOATs69502:17:42
11YouPeople69503:49:26 Silver Badge
12The Thunder Chickens69505:51:21
13Manmeets World of Alternative Facts69001:48:16
14No Clue69002:30:20
15The Hot Shots69002:59:57
16Vday Turn Up68502:44:26
17MRS. & MRS. DIXON67004:11:51
18Slightly Introverted 65003:52:47 Bronze Badge
19Dye Family64504:07:29
20Baby Got Back60002:53:39
21City Explorers58099 days, 04:13:44
23Dark Side Divas55505:00:33
24Humdrum Conundrums48504:22:21 Bronze Badge