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Two English teachers had a phenomenal time. We especially enjoyed your humor! Create another Quest for San Diego ASAP!  
Carol and Jeanine

We had such a great time doing the Quest. Our teams raved about how fun it was and how it lead them to places they had yet to visit in San Francisco, even being natives of the Bay area. The game worked flawlessly and we had all the information needed for a successful event.
San Jose Contact Center Leadership Team, PG&E

San Francisco Urban Adventure was awesome! Saw so much more of the city than we ever would have. Didn't realize there were so many interesting little quirks, parks, fountains, alley's entertaining little things that would have just slid by without any notice. This adventure really changed the way we will see/look at all future cities. Can't wait to go to another city that you have on your list.  
Karen Coleman

The Urban Adventure Quest at Catalina Island was SO fun! I took my boyfriend there on our anniversary. He loves adventure and clue-solving games so when a friend told me about U.A.Q. I was hoping it would be as awesome as it sounded. It totally was!
Bianca Brieno, Loma Linda, California

Had fun trying out hunt in Fort Worth! Can't wait for more cities nearby and hopefully mini Stockyards one!!!  
Whitney Ortega

I just wanted to tell you how much fun we had on our "Atlanta" adventure yesterday! Even my teenagers (who make a career out of thinking things are boring) had a blast. The questions/clues were just difficult enough to really make one think. It was truly a fun time, and I will recommend it to anyone who is thinking "what the heck can we do this weekend?" Well done!  
Sandy Petersen, Atlanta, Georgia

Great fun with New Orleans Adventure Quest!
Barbara Jordon

Did the Quest in Denver today. The kids and I had a blast! It was a lot of fun and gave us a different view of Denver than what we already knew. Great adventure!
Maggie Caylor, Denver, Colorado

We had a lot of fun Questing in Austin.
Heidi Gollub, Austin, Texas

Haspells hit Washington, DC and Come Forth!
Chris Haspell

We had fun doing the Quest this weekend! We actually ended up competing with another family, who, coincidentally, were starting the same time we were! NOT planned at all...but tons of fun.
Michu Field

This was an AWESOME experience! The clues and locations were both fun and entertaining and allowed us to see the Island in a complete new light. Our group included people who have been to the island multiple times and those who have never been and it gave both an amazing adventure! Thank you for a great experience!
Mary Klepper, Gardena, Calif.

Team Wet Noses on the course. We had a blast. Thanks.
Alvin Lai

Had a wonderful time doing a quest in San Antonio this past weekend with the wife. We will definitely be doing this again in the future elsewhere. Thanks UAQ!
Tom Fevola, Dallas, Texas

We LOVED Urban Adventure Quest Denver! Thank YOU!

Had a GREAT time in Sacramento! I have been sharing your info with everyone I know. The girl in the middle of the photo is visiting from Texas and had so much fun she wants to go back and do Ft. Worth with her friends and family!
Dana Wallen Edlund

Team tie-dye
Ready, set, go!
Lisa Atkins

We had a great time doing the Boston Quest today!
Kristi Brundage Shoates

We had an amazing time today in Dallas celebrating a 40th birthday with an adventure Quest!! We are making plans to check out quests in other cities. Keep them coming!
Stacie Breckley, Dallas, Texas

Denver fun for a 10-year-old birthday party.
Falde Adams

"Pistols & Pearls in Dallas!!! We had a blast! #8 on the Leader Board and it was our first time!  
Whitney Ortega, Fort Worth, Texas

San Diego Cub Scout Pack
Everyone had a fantastic time. Our average time was around 3 hours at a pretty moderate pace given that we had a lot of kids in tow. Very fun activities and sights we've never seen in San Diego. A beautiful day was the icing on the cake!  
Diana Li, San Diego, CA

We had so much fun playing the game. We saw so many places we would never have seen without Urban Adventure Quest.
Critique by Kids

The Stockyards mini Quest is a great Quest! This is perfect for kids, not too long, and with plenty of Texas history and photo opportunities. Do IT!
Kristi Brundage Shoates, Dallas, Texas

The Stammer family had a great time playing the new Tucson Quest. Now we are planning a trip to Tombstone to play that Quest as well.
Stammer Family, Tucson, Arizona

Having fun in Sacramento! Our teams had a great time with the hunt.
Julie Landmann Garrison, Sacramento, California

Birthday Party
I took my daughter and her 3 friends on a scavenger hunt in Chicago's Loop through Urban Adventure Quest. This was my daughter's "Sweet 16" birthday party and it had to be extra special. I was so nervous because I wasn't sure hot it would all play out. I soon found that the smart phone game was beautifully put together. It was so easy to operate, understand and follow. AND WHAT FUN! As four teen who didn't have any experience in the city, WOW! They had an absolute BLAST finding their way through it and figuring out the challenges along the way. Through your adventure they learned so much and had a GREAT time. This experience with my daughter will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for offering such an excellent product/service at an affordable price and also for the customer service you provided before the day of the event.
Julie Barbee, Chicago, Ill

Thanks Viator for presenting us with this Top Rated Travel Award. 
The UAQ Team